Bathroom Renovation

Upgrading your home by enlarging its footprint or by simply modifying the structure can add value and improve your quality of life. Edenali fully understands the challenges that renovation and remodeling can present, both in the execution of the project, and the impact it has on the occupants of the residence. That is why we take specific steps to manage our projects in a way that will satisfy both your short-term and long-term needs.

By carefully planning each phase of the project, we can give a realistic price estimate. We review the plans with you and our entire team to ensure that we are all on the same page before work begins. We then track costs and present a bi-monthly variance report to ensure that our work stays within that budget. In this way, we keep the owner informed and therefore confident that we are doing all we can to control the cost of the project.

Throughout our work, we focus on communication with the client. This helps us to integrate new ideas and changes and to make sure our clients are satisfied as we carry out the project. Our bi-monthly report tracks the work we do and ensures that we keep the budget in mind when making every decision.

Many renovations are done while the client lives in the home. It is important to us that our work not interfere with your daily life. To accomplish this, we focus on cleanliness and timeliness. We keep our projects on schedule and respect your time and household. We show up on the day and time we say we will. Partitioning off non-work areas and planning how to get ourselves and materials in and out help to keep your home clean. We take extra care to clean up as we work and at the end of each workday, leaving your home in a clean and livable condition. Our careful execution will minimize the impact of home renovation on your life.

Following up on warranty issues is as important to us as completing the initial work and is executed according to our exacting standards. We ask clients to make note of any items that need attention during or after the project for us to address. We guarantee our work for 12 months after the end of the project.